Four Sticks

Oh, Baby, it's cryin' time,
Oh, Baby, I've got to fly
Got to try to find a way,
Got to try to get away,
'Cos you know I gotta get away from you, Babe

Oh, baby, the river's red,
Ah, baby, in my head
There's a funny feelin' goin' on,
I don't think I can hold out long

An' when the owls cry in the night,
Oh, baby, Baby, when the pines begin to cry,
Baby, baby, baby, how do ya feel?
If the river runs dry, baby, how would you feel?

Craze, baby, mm-the rainbow's end,
Mmm, baby, it's just a den
For those who hide,
Hide their loves to depths of lies
An' ruin dreams that we all knew so, babe

An' when the owls cry in the night,
And baby, when the pines begin to cry,
Oh, baby, baby, how do you feel?
If the rivers run dry, baby,
How do you feel?

Ahh-ah ahh-ah-ahh-ah-ay
Babe, how do you feel?

Oh yeah, brave at dawn, yeah [brave I endure; brave are undone]
Oh yeah, strong shields and lore [stong shields of all]
An' they can't hold the wrath of those who walk
An' the boots of those who march
Baby through the roads of time so long ago



Ooh-ooh Hooh-ooh
Hooh-ooh Hooh-ooh
Hooh hooh hooh hah hahhh