Ghetto Girl

Gettin' tired of fake
Rich wannabe's
Runnin' up my card
Spendin' my money
Actin' all smart
With no degree
Don't like my friends
Too damn bougie

[Bridge 1]

Never wanna go to an RnB/Hip Hop show
It's funny when I had more fun when I had no dough

I need a girl from the ghetto
(I need an all ghetto girl)
I need a bad mother with designer toes
A tattoo and some gold
Straight up ghetto
(No matter if I ain't got no dough)
She's gonna be my boo gonna be my crew
All ghetto girl

I need a girl from BK (Brooklyn)
Or the Boogie Down
Compton, Long Beach (no doubt)
Or maybe Shi-Town (fo' sho)
Maybe ATL (holla)
I love the dirty south
A ghetto country girl (know what I'm talkin' bout)
Know what I'm talkin' bout

[Bridge 2]

Girl I can take to an RnB/Hip Hop show
We can have fun, don't really gotta spend no dough


I need a girl named
Lakeisha, Tonya, Tameka, Tawanda,
Rasheeda, Ashonda, Shanequa and Shawna (yeah I remember her),
Karen, Pam, Tina, damn,
Brenda, Kelly, Linda, and Natalie,

[Bridge 2]

[Chorus]x3 to fade