Ninjas in Action


We got many Psychopathic ninjas on this track
Chopping off wigs like a fly guillotine attack
Jumpsteady your shocker rocking the blue blockers
A Bruce Lee one inch punch heartstopper
You're messing with my own I'll turn you to stone
Give you busy tones floating under tanker stones
Thats full circle three full of justice motherfucker
Got you silly like a tar tapping trucker (like a tar tapping trucker)

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie]

You see it's all explanatory motherfucker tell a friend
Got a glock that busts harder than a drill team sargent
Never been a pig so it's nice to be respected
The talking is injected by the venom of my weapon
The deadliest disease when I strike the inner core
Ain't no time to tell your mama that you love her anymore
Ain't no calling on your homies ain't no calling on the lord
Somebody should have told you about fucking with a corpse

[Violent J]

It's Violent J y'all and I'm out of control
Steady sniping off a California highway patrol
Rocking a chemical imbalance in a stolen school bus
Full of screaming little kids we doing ninety plus
Running cops off edges rat a tat tatta
Busting shots swirving and throwing kids at them
Jumpsteady in a chopper and away we get
Watching everybody else falling over the cliff

[Jamie Madrox]
It's the triple x baller
I'm in love with your mama but your daddy be player hating so I don't call her
I'm a ghost see my ninja level foe
Call me storm shadow hatchet when I'm slicing at your dome
Mr Bones Madroxwho you tripping on
My appetite is planetary when I'm screaming Unicorn (Unicorrrrn)
Show me who we bumping on show me who we smoking with
Handle like some lunatics an