Future in Computer Hell

No need for confetti bombs or fallus symbols,
to be obnoxious,
but the sound will be very contagious,
like nuclear "fallout" radius
No need for bands with tight "spandex",
"macho flex",
high voices from larynx,
tight jockstraps
stuffed with socks and walnuts to show sex,
but plain obscure "high-tec"!
Junkie XL will tell
the future in computer hell
No slacker trendy attitudes
or "boys" that play rude,
or smokers of "SEZ" and weed
to be hardcore with fatigues,
let the perpetrator weep,
that it's the junkie beats that grim reap!
And shuffle the feet,
but all to sleep
in front of their "MTV screen sweep",
yes lost souls are deep
in their trash-cash middle-class heap