No Problem

Hey, Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey, Hey
Whut the Fuck
It goin down right here
Niggas fittin to get fucked up
Lil' Scrappy
You don't want no problem nigga shut up

Tell em'


You can get crunk in da clu
Roll wit yo hood get stomped in da club [Hey]
Or you can get buck in da clu
Get fucked up in da clu
Nigga we don't giva a Fuck

But you don't want no problem, problem [Hoo-Hoo]
But you don't want no problem, problem [Hoo-Hoo]
But you don't want no problem wit me
BME we be 50 deep

[1st Verse]

You don't wanna be dead in tha streets
Mouth fulla blood and your soul fulla heat
Why you tryin ta act hard as hell
And you know damn well you don't wanna fell this shell
Nigga I been downed by a law
Gun to my head pressed dead to tha wall
I got big balls, and bullets like baseballs
I split ya dome piece and straight knock out all y'all
Hell no, dem boyz don't play
Straight nutz to ya face, put ya pistols away
And don't police, tha weed to my head
And pray for folks in da club that's scared
Got a problem wit dat


Hold em' back, Hold em' back
Man fuck dat nigga
Fuck dat, Hold em' back
Gotta push dat nigga
Hold em' back, Hold em' back
Push dat nigga
Fuck dat, Hold em' back

[2nd Verse]

Hey Shorty it's on, God Damnit it's on
Keep Poppin in my face, and get Popped in tha Dome
Learned ta rush Mother Fuckas from my Birth
If a nigga fall, that's when shit gets worse
The problem wit you niggas is
You just talk too much
Man swang on a nigga and Fuck his ass up
And you can walk on by wit your nutz in a tuck
I'll be obliged if ya really won't get Crunk
In da A we don't play dem games
We just Stack and Slang, and load up dem Thangs
You can buck if ya wanna, and catch a Bow
Keep yo pretty ass gold, beat yo ass
And take yo Ho, Nigga


[Lil' Scrappy Talkin]