How Free Are You

I will be what I want to be,
And believe in myself
You'll talk if there's something to say,
Have just respect in youself
Take a walk through the peaceful land,
Without nothing in mind
Today someone is crying out,
This is the delay grind
Limited feeling, so called regulation
Emotionaly abused,
The new generation
Want to walk away, is it against the rules
Broken promises,
To lie's one of the tools

Lying awake like hypnotized,
Dreaming I will get high
One step closer to the madness,
I thought Ireally could fly
I believe we deserve the best
But we all get the worse
Everybody's got certain needs
Sometimes straight or perverse
Limited feeling,
So called regulation
Emotionally abused,
The new generation

What's left to believe
Together we are falling
It's hard to decieve
I'm not the one's lying
How free are you
Tell me how free are you
No rule to say I'm alone