15 Minutes to Yutengi


Hey, it only gets better now
We commited ourselves to improving the sounds that you hear
Brotha From Anotha, PSC
Making it hard for emcee's to last up in this under scene
Kept 'em wondering why some even tried to front
Like an underling squad was even needed
Weeded out the pot suspects of the lyrical theft
Now we shape shift, loopin' it with the skills of a vet
With mic checks one, too many of you emcees let us down
As I clown with The Grouch
About the range of things that the cool men rap about
In and out, my verse plays with the beat
Hide'n'seek, Marko Polo for the weak flows
I'ma let you know who's in control
Tag my name on the back of your stereo (PSC!)
Old school intro, throwin' up your W's
Never thought I'd see the gangstas throwin' too
See, times change, and I think it's dope
But thirty-seven times screamin' out "West Coast?!"
If you dope, you dope, no matter where you live
Stolen lands, slave names, emcees is kids with a turf complex
"I'ma break your neck with this fresh ass rap!"
But you won't do that
"But I'm fresh!"
Yeah, I feel your pain
Won't you come have a seat and try to clear your name

Listen to the beats and rhymes
Mystik Journeymen just outdid the times
Are we dope? Yeah, we got a little better
Puttin' down echoes, gettin' hip hop together


Destination was Japan
In the land of swift advancement
I passed the DAT tape to DJ Yas
He pressed play
I think a lot of kids will remember that day
We rocked that show, say ho
I think somebody mighta said it too many times
But the rhymes was comin' tight
And we was comin' tight
And if I'm comin' tight, then Corey's comin' tight
Man, I didn't understand
Way underground, gettin' jocked in Japan
Puttin' in work for the Bay and LA
DJ Ra provided a studio and place to stay
Binmack's my translator, Rob's on the fader
With cuts cutting in to let the ultimate blend
Gonna send you out
Cuz the Mystiks about to turn the party out


We got the Grouch in the house
Arata's in the house
We got Murs in the house
We got the whole underworld in the house
We got the Siato-Pe in the house
We got the MOS in the house
We got all the Bay in the house
We got LA in the house
We got Eclipse in the house
We got Bored Stiff in the house
We got the Derelicts in the house
We gotthe crackin', breakin' backs
I'm breaking my tape deck
I'm bumping that shit out in Japan
Freestyle till the end
We in the land of Tokyo
Take you to where my flow goes
Leave it on the beat and you know
It's comin' from the top of my mind
He who obtains the light
Must help the future fight