Why do I feel bad again?
I shouldn't be sad or miss a grin
Doubt creeps in and doubt creeps out,
Skews the view from my cloud

Troublemaker tempting fate,
Questioning the path I take,
Showing me the twists and turns,
The forks and points of no return

I would hold my breath so long
To wash ashore where I belong

Broken roses on the steps,
Like promises I never kept
Promises I never made
But could have honored anyway
Tied to years, slave to fears,
I will always hold you dear
Tired, troubled but sincere,
Wishing Fuck the rime
Wishing I had a time
To wish you mine

Every day I choose to spend the rest of my life with her
And every day I break the molds of lives and worlds
I already miss the things that I will never know
I will never know the things that i've already missed