Be careful, you might hear something
You don't want to hear
Be careful you might say something
That you really mean
You say 'take things easy,
Go and have some fun'
But my mind is hazy
About times i've spent alone
So be careful, you might feel something
You don't want to feel
Be careful, you might learn something
You don't want to know
I'll take things steady
Go on and be alone
I hope your head's aching
From having too much fun
If i don't know what's cool
Will you call me a loser?
If i don't bend the rules
Will i stay a loser?
The selfish gene in me has finally come into being
He's teaching me how to be mean
But that's a sorry, sorry state to be in
Stop yawning, stop yearning
And wake up
What you wanna do is wake up