Just Smile

I've been working so hard
We spent too long apart
And you've been thinking
Playing tricks on your mind
Made your words sound unkind
You were cold, oh so cold
I can see from your tears you think it's over
Got the whole weight of our love
On your shoulders

You know as well as I do
That our prospects are good
If you think I'm leaving
Then you've misunderstood

Just smile and I'll be yours again
Baby just sing a little word in my ear again
Don't worry 'bout the things that you said
Don't mean anything
One smile that's when I'll be yours again

When you told me to go
You lost all self control, I was hurting
Now you're filled with regret
Cos you can't take it back
Feel all alone,
When you should of known

You don't need to make it a drama now
Cos you should know the way that I'm feeling
No need to complicate things to work this out
Here's how... smile