Teenage Queenie

Your Mammy has been looking while Daddy stayed inside
And if you ever show up before the morning light
Everything that's said and done is not your point of view
You stayed the whole night through with your friend Jeany -
Teenage Queenie
You may be good looking but you don't know how to be -
Your wardrobe's always empty
And no'one '11 ever see you've been growing for some time
Had lovers quite a few
Now all you ever do is being dreamy - Teenage Queenie

Teenage Queenie
You're lost every night
And your Mammy worried your Daddy's uptight
Teenage Queenie
You still gotta grow
'cause if you wanny be free it's a long time to go

You like to hear the music - dance on the beat

Where ever it goes slowly it's not your kind of speed
Your sister has been seeing you in some big shining car
He owned the bar a fellah called Rossini - Teenage Queenie