Stewart's Coat

Hold me love, I can't sleep again
Ooo, I have to kiss your lips
I wanna lay here next to him, love
I remember walking in the rain
Rain was falling on my hands
I don't wanna live through that again, no
Outside it hardly gets dark now
Lovers walking in the park now
Children singing songs of what
Will make all our dreams come true
I'm in love with you
I know it takes is love
Love is a healing thing
When you give everything
You're loving the world
The world gives you love to hold onto
Remembering,when summer is over

(Somewhere) Just give me many chances
(Far away) I'll see you through it all
(Remember) Just give me time to learn to crawl (grow?)
In September, when the rain comes and the wind blows
I will see you walking in your coat Oh
If you'll let me, I will keep you here inside the stars
I will love the sound of my sheets
For you have moved beneath them

(Repeat chorus)