LIFE (Feat Jaguar)

Once again standin' here cryin' out
Energy gone my insides dyin' out
Wishin' you was dead or somewhere lyin' out
Every time you open ya mouth lies flyin' out
Remember when we first met you wit' ya crew
Me wit' my girls doin' what we usually do
You wit' ya game comin' at me askin my name
Knew it was love first sight you said it the same
Talked on the phone the whole night vibe feelin' so right
Every step pointin' to love the future so bright
Till this girl I sat next to in class told me she was pregnant
And that you was the dad
How she wasn't jealous of me or nothin' I had
How you cheated on her several times and treated her bad
And as she was tellin'me that my whole world collapsed
Feelin' like a fool still in love wit' you

Chorus (2x):
Mommy always told me 'bout life
Life never plays to be nice
Tragedy's all in my life
Love is what destroyed my life, life

What tricks you gon' play now
Nothin' you could say cuz everything is clear now
I can see where I made my mistakes
Stayin' home a good girlfriend gimme a break
I'd be home alone callin'you catchin' the shakes
Every minute till you call back adrenaline raced
Left me hangin' on my birthday when I stayed at ya place
You came home the next morning
I just stared at ya face
Knew where you was actin' dumb it tore me apart
Took it out on ya things put the key to ya car
Felt like you had a knife all this pain in my heart
Deep down though still wishin' we could restart
For a second I was on top swore I had the cream
Rude awakening nothin' come to sleepers but a dream
It's sinkin' in never really loved me and it seemed
What was I thinking I was only in my teens


Nowadays when I see you I don't feel bad
Got a real love in my life you be a real dad
For once in ya life try doin' somethin' right
By now you should be ready to slow it down
Cuz you know what go 'round come back 'round
Even though it hurt to let you go I had to roll
A demon in disguise you was tryna take my soul
Couldn't make a move you was tryna take control
In a way I blame myself maive
I made the choice to be wit' you and no one else indeed
A picture in a broken frame upon the shelf indeed
Had to take a lil' time to know myself
Every now and then I start to reminisce wantin' a kiss
Even though it's dangerous
Every now and then yo I start to reminisce
For real even though it's dangerous