Whenever You Close Your Eyes

(Written by Michael Bolton & Diane Warren)
I need to know
That I am in your world, that I am in your world, baby
And I've gotta know
That I am in your heart, no matter where you are
Wherever you go, oh baby
I hear you saying that you love me
I feel you touch me in the night
But that don't mean that I mean something
In your life, baby
Whenever you close your eyes
I want it to be my face that you see
When you go to sleep at night
Whenever you dream I want to know
That you're dreaming of me
So, hard to know
Wish I could read your mind, wish I could read your mind
And see in your heart
Am I there, the way you're there with me
You're everywhere with me
Wherever I go, oh baby
Before I give my world completely
And lay my heart down on the line
I need to know it's me you're needing
In your life, baby
Don't you know I'm so in love with you baby
But I need to know how deep your love is for me