Big Ole Head

i was sitting on a bar stool checking out the scene
in walks this smooth talking sweet smelling sex machine
i had my hat on right
i put my pants on tight
i put the bait on the hook and now she's lookin to bite
well damn it she should
i'm feeling so good,
i'd give myself a big wet kiss if i could
but i can't so i don't
not yet but i'm set and i'm ready
i ain't loosing my grip

baby whatcha got inside your big ole head
'cause i really wants to know

i'm sittin pretty, biding my time
because i know eventually what i want will be mine
like anything you want, you can get it, if you really,
want it bad enough (yeah right don't be silly)
but it's true! there's diamonds at your door step
so whatcha gonna do?
improve your attitude and be a better you?
or sit around frowning looking like conrad with a chip?

baby whatcha got inside your big ole head
'cause i really wants to know

i ain't no knucklehead put it in the bank boy
more like and easy going life living lovejoy
ain't always happy about the way things might be going
but i try to do my best to keep my love light glowin
life ain't always easy, whoever said it would be was lying,
but you've got to keep going & you've got to keep trying
'cause life's like a cup of wine
go ahead and take a sip

baby whatcha got inside your big ole head,
'cause i really wants to know?