World Of Lies

I think back to my darker past, where hope would almost fade
Figures, shadows seemed to pass me, faces, voices felt the same
I heard the laughter all around me, but only rain dripped from my eyes
I had to change the tide that drowned me, this was the time for me to rise

I reach out to humanity, but beasts are what remain
We live inside a world of lies and devastating hate
I fear I cannot cope with this, the days of truth have died
They only dwell in fantasies behind corrupted minds

I raise my head and gaze beyond to a world that seems unknown
A place that once was fond of me, a place I once called home
Soon reality had caught up with me and time was racing by
I knew that one day it would desolate, the good things in my life

They call you a fool if you're a dreamer
Their ironic smiles make you sick within
But remember when I tell you
The fools are those who don't have dreams

World of lies - LIES! LIES!
World of lies - LIES! LIES!