Beggin' To Be Written

I can see you girl
And the clothes you wear
Every minute, in my mind
?Cause I?m missing you
And I never knew
Any other girl so fine

All the times we walked
But we never talked
Never told you I cared
All my stubborn pride
Kept my love inside
Now I?m calling, you?re not there
How can I sleep tonight?
I gotta let you know
I really love you girl and I gotta let it show

This song was begging to be written baby
It was begging to be written about you
And you know these words are true
This song was begging to be written baby
And you know It?s driving me crazy
Without you

It?s a lonely world
Now I need you girl
And the words is going round
That you said goodbye
For another guy
Even though I want you now
I?ve tried to find you girl, there?s got to be a way
To tell you how I feel and the words I couldn?t say

Suddenly I?m the fool
Who let you get away
Before it?s over baby
There?s something I must say (Spoken)