Regular Guy

I'm the kind of guy
A girl takes home to mom
With pleated kaki pants
Cologne that's da bom
(Sure smells purdy, purdy)
I shake her dad's hand
And I look him in the eye
And I tell him straight up
I'm just a regular guy
(I'll have her home by nine sir)

I'm a regular guy
Who stays out of trouble
(Lemme get that for you ma'am)
A regular guy
Who says ma'am on the double
(Im on it)
I'm a regular guy
Just like Dawson's creek
I'm a regular guy
Just don't call me a geek
A geek

But sometimes
I remember, what got my here
It was fighting, and cussing
(back off, Im in a boy band)
And showing no fear

I watch Jay Leno
(he's funny!)
And 7th Heaven too
And I ask myself sometimes
What would Jesus do?
(grant me the serenity to accept the things i can not change)
I'm buds with my mom
And I hang out with my dad
(hes my buddy hahahahahaha)
And I play everything safe
So I'll never be sad

(dont push me)
Damnit, sometimes I wanna
(stop pushing me)
Smash things up
(what chu lookin at)
They're jacked up and wacked up
(im in a boy band, a boy band)
And have to pee in a cup


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