Songtext von 2 Skinnee J's: Friends Don't Let Friends Listen To Rap Metal

Friends Don't Let Friends Listen To Rap Metal

We don't need your cash or those options of stock
Shiny diamond rings or 8 cyls on the block
We don't give a damn if you have or you not
Cause who we represent?
People's Movement of Rock

Do you indeed exceed the seed of needed moxy to mock me
On your house I put a pox
See, I take aim with freight trains as my proxy
You wanna battle?
Are you insane like that clown posse?
Move along like the throngs in Powaqaatsi
We sling the shit that sticks like bonds of strong epoxy
Approximately 3 minutes will be lost while we are rocking thee
My name is hardly known and though it's grown still few have heard
My name is a killing word I split the spirit from the vessel
Say it loud, say it proud
We've come to warn 'em of the shit that rock has peddled
Cause friends don't let friends listen to rap metal

We can agree to settle this like gentlemen
Or you can try to defy and get beheaded when
I swing my syntax like a simitar
Similar to sinbad, you'll get schooled by my seminar
You still haven't learned what your limits are
Your remedial rhyming stays simple like simon
My shit stay tight like rivets are
While civil liberties are the only guarantees you made it this far
You pose for Vivitar, while i pose unprobed hypotheses
Bring drama like Sophocles, smash your monopolies
Deliver similes like emt's do babies
In the back seat of a honda civic car
So through up your fist till your ligaments
Are pulled in more ways than a mormon polygamist
And your vocal chords stretch till you're hoarse
You can't deny the irresistable force

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