Lost 4 Words

Ah yo
This ain't no crush
Ah, It's the real thing, girl
Ah c'mon ah

It's about that time
You don't mind, gotta let you know you're lookin' kinda fine
Hot with the style ya got,
Hot with the way that you rock the spot
Maybe get a second or two,
Let you know, girl, what I wanna do
It's all about you
And the things you got
Bring the show down like what what what

- Bridge
Let me introduce myself,
I'm Mister A B, got my C D on yer shelf
Don't ask,
And baby girl, all I want is you
Lay back, chill, this is what ya do

- Chorus
I am lost for words and I can't speak
Lost for words, lost for words
When all them crazy words come over me
What's come over me?
When I think of you it makes me weep
Makes me weep, makes me weep
When you look in my eyes, feels like heaven
Feels like heaven

Can't help but lose my cool
When you around girl, I act the fool
Don't wanna take my time
I know what I got, gotta make you mine
So if you fear, what I fear,
Let me know, sugar, be with the dear
Can I rhyme with you this time
Have to tell you this just one more more time

- Bridge

- Chorus

Break it down for me, down for me, c'mon (repeat)

- Bridge

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