The Arrival

To the universal master, prepare the attack, prepare his revenge
His thought and all his preachers will be read to bring the snange
And his mighty power are going to change the face of the world
And you'll be just servant, his slave forever in those worlds
Protected by the universal power, he'll win the battles
And govern all from his castle
He'll control each land, land of ice, land of sand
He's going to clean those lands by killing the wrong
Worshippers who could stop his reign
Annihilating the faithless, that's his business to preserve his reign
Low he's the leader, leader of the gods, leader of men
He manipulates your minds and destroys the brain of mankind
During his reign upon those worlds, he's going to tear you
He awaits the moment to tear all souls and distill the brains
And now time is near, you're going to smelt, it's your fate
It's another suffering, a new way of life, anew way of thought
Now you're under my force, you do what I want and you do what I say
When you'll understand what I wanna do you'll come with me

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