Love The Way You Love Me

Come here; I wanna tell you something
I love it when touch with the feeling of romance
In the middle of the dance
I love the way you love me
Something about the magic of your kisses in the dark
All up in my heart
I love the way you love me
I love the way, baby
Talkin' about the love you give
Strong and yet sensitive
You take my breath away
I go crazy
When you touch me tenderly
Cuddle up next to me
I never felt this way
When you pull me close I just wanna cry
Little tears of joy fall from my eyes
I think I'm fallin'
Hopelessly in love with you
Deeper than I wanted to
You fill me with desire
Hear me callin
Hungry for another kiss
Never tasted love like this
You set my soul afire
No one else can ever take your place
You're the reason for the smile on my face
Love the way you love me Come on baby
X 8
I love the waythe way you love me
X 4
All these guys keep tryin' to get next to me
But I'm not feelin' them you know what I mean?
I am lookin' 'round for no one new
Baby, ain't no doubt
I wanna be with you!
Chorus x 2
Love the way you love me Come on baby
X 6

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