Bells of Damnation

I am Bringer of the new Aeon
And this is my Revelation:
Beyond the Abyss I arose
tempted the World in Sin
Weak Rules of the spiritually Enslaved
my Wisdom has destroyed
Sacrifice on my Altar
And paint the Graves bloodred

Where I was there is Darkness
Where I am there is Light
In a Palace that shines in more Brightness than even the Sun
I gather my Nation to lift up its Swords
Drink from the Chalice, Sacred Ones,
in Lakes of Secrecy now bath

The Witch of Endour, my morbid Concubine,
seduces even Angels as we reveal the Words divine:
"Another Prophet will arise,
bringing new Fevers, killing with Plagues
The Lamb will die through his avenging Hand
The Serpent will kiss another Woman
She spreads Temptation
And represents religious Dawn"

Await these Messengers of my Eclipse
For I am the King of Kings
The Spirit who conquers Thy Souls

Purple Tears of exiled Angels
Drip down like raining Blood
And are Wine to me - Wine of Wrath

Now listen to the Secrets old
Bells of Damnation for Aeons have told:
"Eure Seelen sind mein!
Eure Seelen sind rein!"

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