Hecate, My Love and Lust

Oh, thou enlightened lover, come roll with me
Oh my fiercest lover, come roll with me

All my life I've searched for thee
The wonders you hold are pure ecstasy
The greatest pleasures you give are most divine
I shall love you 'til the end of time

The sensations I feel when you touch me burn
stronger than that of the ones before thee
The volcanic shivers you give when we fuck,
reminds me that mandane females do suck

Through you, I have found the philosopher's stone
In you my penumbral heart has found a home
And as you whisper sweet wisdoms into my ears,
the power of cunnilingus brings you to tears

I smell your hair, red as the brightest rose
Intorication sets in and my desire grows
We dance until the moon bids farewell
Never shall we sleep into the fires of hell

I'll build you a throne in the heart of my mind,
where everlasting love ye always shall find

Thy temple adorned with fidelity,
where I'll worship thy essence eternally

Oh thou enlightened lover, Come roll with me
Oh my fiercest lover, come roll with me
Oh my denoted lover, come roll with me
Oh my faithful lover, come roll with me

Thou art the answer to all my dreams
Thou art the bringer of organisms supreme
And I shall shout to the false god above,
Hecate, thou art the one that I love
I love you!!!

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