The Krikati Indians of Brazil knocking out power in the cities
lighter watch the fire grow
surprise fighters delivering a body blow
Original Krikati Junglists coming with the fire this time
Original Krikati Junglists
underground resistance knocking out powerlines coming with the fire this time

G?ra | Spis utwor?w
Who runs this place

First sign of madness you talk yourself second sign of madness yoursef talks back
First sign of madness you talk yourself second sign of madness yoursef talks back
please select the following option is no longer an option
select the following option means you have no option
i'm shouting out loud with the rest of the shower
shaking our fists in vain down the corridors of power
been queuening and queuening for god know how many hours
outside the tent pissing in for this long man it's downer
they say the buck stops here but if it does i never see it
following the fingers poiting opposite directions i lost it
took me a week to see the boss to learn that he's not in charge
a 1000 people said they could so that one could say they can't
and i see vast quantities of people without a face
i don't now who runs this place
i don't now who runs this place
tell me how high i gotta go all the way from God to the devil below
before i get to want i really now wanna know
and i wanna know WHO RUN DA PLACE?
the figures are wrong the network's knackered
cashpoint is kaput and me nerves are shaterred
you have an infinite choice over the things that doesn't matter
one elite or two more Thatcherite than Thatcher
in a race to the death with a white van man i admit defeat i'm the man with no plan
watch a vampire a poodle a chat show host with a tan
try to squeeze into a 3 second attetion span
and i stick two fingers up into outer space
i don't know who runs this place i don

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