Dance With You

J-Boog (B2K): Uh, yo, sing it, uh
Solange: Doo doo too too too too

Verse 1 - Solange
I've been watching from across the room,
Thinking how I want to dance with you
See you moving on the dance floor,
Makes me wanna dance with you even more
I like your style, you're so confident,
All the haters call you "arrogant"
I don't care if what they say is true,
'Cause all I want to do is dance with you

Chorus - Solange
I see you checking me
And I'm looking at you so
No matter who approaches first
Just make a move 'cause
On the floor you got it,
I got it to
I wanna dance with you
Dance with you

Verse 2 - Omarion [B2K]
Girl it's funny you are Feelin' me
'Cause in my mind I'm thinking the same thing
How I want to move and dance with you
To intimidated to approach you
I like your vibe, so baby girl what's up
All the chickens heads claim that you're stuck up
I don't care if what they say is true,
'Cause all I want to do is dance with you

Chorus - Solange + Omarion

J-Boog: Uh, yeah
Da da da da da da da
What, Solange, yeah
Solange: You're trying, you're trying
J-Boog: Dance with me, C'mon

Rap - Lil Fizz
It's the same little cats who came to rock your world
I'ts amazing what I do to this little girl
Got them leaving their boyfriends the talk around school
You ain't never met a 15 year old guy this cool
Come on ma roll with me I'll make your life better
Not pressuring you I know you wanna claim this
Poked in the party ma singing off key
Oh, off key

Solange: Make a move!

Chorus - Solange, Omarion and J-Boog

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