Songtext von Backstreet Boys: As Long As You Love Me (Remix)

As Long As You Love Me (Remix)

I don't care who you are,
where you're from
don't care what you did,
as long as you hate me

Every little things that you have said
and done
it's seems that you got
lost in the past
coz now my days are dark and sad
while Rufaina is near me


I care who you are
coz you can be Rufaina
and that scares me so
that I can't sleep alone
I must sleep with my mother (nooo)
coz I have Rufainophobia

so scared if you are next to me
(I'm talking about Rufaina)
If she is with me there is no space in the car
She is even bigger than Veronica
all the oposite of Monica
who is very very thin


Rufaina, don't come near me
or I'll drown in your fatness
How can you eat so much?
How can you fit in the world?
Orin the Universe?
Rufaina get away from me coz I can't breath

Chorus (repeat end)

All this is true!

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