Ma And Pa

There once was a Ma that wanted her
There once was a Pa that wanted her
I know she's confused,
she's my blood sister
She told me the blues as she start to shiver
Only a child in the middle of a war
She's a problem child now because of a divorce

Hey Ma and Pa
What the hell is wrong with ya'll
Hey Ma and Pa
What the hell is wrong with ya'll

Well there's a lot of money
For all the attorneys
It's just not a fight for child custody
'Cause Ma and Pa's revenge
Is making little sister bleed
Fussin' and fightin' through a family life
Make her wanna take drugs and be out of line

Hey Ma and Pa
What the hell is wrong with ya'll
Hey Ma and Pa
What the hell is wrong with ya'll

Fighting for love on an angel's feather
Why don't ya'll get your shit together
Well it's three the hard way
Doin' it the wrong way
Ma hates Pa, Pa hates Ma
Little sister say,
"What the hey!"
Well there's an evil streak there
With a righteous leak I fear
That's why a child goes stray
To live a life another day
Mom and Pop in a family fury
Brother tried to say
"Little sister, don't worry"

Hey Ma and Pa
What the hell's wrong with ya'll
Hey Ma and Pa
Why'd the family rise and fall
Why don't you get your shit together

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