Paranoia Pays Off

I'll try to get your attention so I can clear my name
(I know you don't care)
because I've seen my picture on your dartboard
Bleed without pain
You're always so violent'blah, blah'to spite your face
I'll try to understand the words you yell at me
I've simply become someone you abhor
Have you discovered that you need to change your ways
When out in the open and sense of direction just fades away
You've never been sorry for a thing you've said
Have I told you that there's nothing I can't take from you
It's just decent to wait a while before you go and make a fool of me
Break through with a crescent smile,
got to plan ahead for broken teeth
It's too late to defend yourself,
I saw you laying down beside the things we'd never talk about
But go on believing
See, my paranoia is paying off
I've been to/stayed at all the places I never felt I'd ever be calling home

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