She is a nice, blond chick in high heels shoes
She is a lovely girl, she can pick and choose
And she goes with a different bloke every saturday night
Her rich dad bought her a sporty car
She works part time in a West End bar
And she won't stay too long by your side

I'll only tell you once
You don't wanna take your chance
You don't wanna see how hard it can be
Where she steals your money an soul

I know the truth
I'tell you straight
Don't even think about her
Don't even think about her, mate

She ain't got many friends but she smells nice
She is one of them- don't ask her twice
The girl knows many tricks to get what she wants
And all the boys don't realise
If they trust her they'll pay the price
When she fades away like she did before

She drinks expensive wine, she smokes posh cigarettes
She won't refuse a line, but only if you're buying
You say u'll take a risk, u say u'll be fine
She'll steal ur money and soul, it's just a matter of time.

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