I'll Be Around

Oh! Cee-Loyou ready to rock with Timbaland? Oh! Let's go boy! ATL, talk to 'em Lo
[Verse 1: Cee-Lo]
How can I possibly, be inconspicuous When my flow is fuckin' ridiculous? That's rite an accent, see Im from the south Where some of the most beautiful things come out my mouth And Im on stage just as soon as I come out the house So I might as well give them somethin' to talk about I bust a rap to make a blind man believe in the boogey And if you came here to move the Cee then the boogey on
[Chorus: Tim (Cee)]
When you want me to come (Holla) When you want me to come (Call me!) When you want me to come (I'll be around) (When you want me to come, yeah, woo! Holla) When you want me to come (Holla) When you want me to come (Call me!) When you want me to come (I'll be around)
[Verse 2: Timbaland]
Here comes Timbaland, Im also from the south I like them girls with big butts, and golds in they mouth I come from the back road, and a dirty house If you leave the door open, mama'll cuss ya' out I got a big dog in the front yard Best buh-lieve that bitch bite hard I gotta grand daddy who think he Joe Clark And that's how we do it 'round these parts
[Verse 3: Cee-Lo]
You see, I do what they wont do and can't do But gon' wish they did when Im done And with a smile on my face, give a joke for second place after I won Shake his hand, firm like a man but talk to him like a son And this way I can still be a little somethin' to everyone And with that elegance, I rock climb to reach hints from God of relevance Poise, position, and the plush of a revalance And Im outstandin', outpsoken, which is the unequivocal evidence It is then instant vintage as it has been, ever since, ah!
[Chorus x2]
Uuhh Ooh! Oh no! Uh oh! Sweet Sugar Lo and Timbo (Uh

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