Eclipsed My Hope

Pain reminds me your eyes, leads me to thoughts of you
How can I bear all these feelings inside? Help me to go
them through
You could stay with me here at my side with my void
But darkness returns, here in my heart, swallowing me,
dragging for the blackest emptiness
And for this I will burn, scream your name "Where are
you now?"
With a scarlet passion You have stolen my heart!
Leaving by this starring night
You could stay but you left my void silhouette and my
screams have been drowned
- I will never forget! Hope stays with me
Darkness returns here in my heart! Where are you now?
My Lord - My God!
No! No! No! There is no You!
Tears I shed Hope that I keep all my belief - they all
are for you!
My Lord! Why, why you are leaving me to go this
So you are gone I have stayed by the night with my
And my heart tears me up - Am I losing my sane? Have I
failed again?
All alone here I stand, Should I cry or forget
Should I live for revenge or revenge is my faith?
Blackest is my heart!
Hope it keeps deep inside and it yearns for the light
Should I keep it inside? No! I let it be freed! My
wrath is upon you!
From the deepest of heart it breaks loose to the light
And damnation could fall upon humble mankind! My heart
could be consoled!
Darkness returns here in my heart! Where are you now?
My Lord - My God!
No! No! No! There is no you!
Humble mankind is a failed mankind! Misery, ruins and
years in tears behind!
Nothing can change their opinion of you!

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