Cest La Vie

Check a little story
about a girl i know named mony
she loves to play with my head
c'est la vie mama
like one two three baby
living in her one-track world
is leaving me lonely
she might as well be leavin' me for dead
c'est la vie to your love

listen baby
can't leave it off 'til tomorrow
that leads to the very next day
good lovin' don't leave me no sorrow
the only lovin' is good lovin'


what can i do
i'm head over heel for your love

c'est la vie mama
like one two three baby
what can i do
when lovin' you
is just not enough
not enough

man i gave her
everything for so long
even emptied out my soul
c'est la vie mama
like one two three baby
no one in ever tryin' to go on
when we got nowhere to go
c'est la vie
to your l-o-v-e


mama i'm leavin'
let her question why
are you sorry baby
well are you sorry baby
they say you never miss the water
till the well runs dry
are you thirsty baby
are you thirsty yeah, yeah

chorus (repeat)

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