Shadow Of A Fool

I don't understand what led to this
The arrow's been fired, but the target missed
One hand on the trigger, the other on his grave
You better run and hide in a deep dark cave
No more time to be pushed around
Nothing in the world's gonna bring me down
We don't look back, we look ahead
No matter what blood, blood's been shed
Think not!
Abount anyone but yourself
go take a long walk and don't come back
Looks like the cat is out of the bag, man
The future's clear, it's time to attack
Shadow of a fool
You're hanging from a tree
Gotta win that never ending battle,
until you're dead will I be free
I see the people are fooled everyday
Lie after lie, just to lead the way
What insanity could lead to this?
It's suicidal on a slash to the wrist
On the outside you've got a friendly face
On the inside it's a cut throat race
Cries and screaming in the night,
Fight the neverending fight,
'Cuz no one cares about anyone but themselves
So take a long walk and don't come back
Looks to me like the cat's outta the bag
The future is clear, it's time to attack
People after you, you know it's true
Manipulating things just to get to you
You better hurry up, you might lose the race
There's millions more in line,
ready to take your place
It's a backstabbing world that's facing you,
They'll take the shirt right off your back
And they won't leave, won't leave a clue
I said a story's been told, it's kinda sad
About a brotehr who went bad
Maybe your lesson will be learned,
but it's too late, some day you'll burn

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