F--K It

no no no

[Verse 1]

see i don't know why
i like you so much
i gave ya all my trust
i told you i loved you
now its all down the drain
you put me through pain
i wanna let you know how i feel


f--k what i said
it don't mean s--t now
f--k the presents
might as well throw em' out
f--k all those kisses
they didn't mean jack
f--k you, you hoe
I don't want you back

[Verse 2]

you thought
you could
keep this s--t from meyea
you burned witch
i heard the story
you played me
you even gave him head
now you asking for me back
you just another hack
look else where cause you're done with me


oww oww
uh huh ya (4x)

[Verse 3]

your question
did i care?
you can ask anyone
i even said
you were my great one
now its over
but i do admit i'm sad
it hurts real bad
i can't sweat that cause i loved a (HMMM)


oww oww
uh huh ya
oww oww
uh huh ya (until end)

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