Is this the real life,is this just fantasy
According a land sight,or escape from reality
Open your eyeslook up to the sky and see,
I'm just a cool boy,I need no sympathy
(because I'm easy come,easy go,little high,little low),
Anyway the wind blows,doesn't really matter to me (to me)

Mamma,I just killed a man,
put a gun against his head,pulled my trigger
now he's dead
Mamma,life has just began,but now I've gone
and thrown it all away
Mamma oeoeoeoe,
Didn't mean to make you cry
If i'm not back again this time tomorrow,
carry on carry on,like nothing really matters

It's too late,my time has come
Send shivers down my spine
Body's aching on it's time
Goodbye everybody,I've got to go
gotta leave you all behind and fade away

I don't wanne die,I sometimes wish
I'd never been born at all
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