Gonna Get Better

We do what we do
To try and get us through
Our darkest days
A time in life that's not so bright
And there will be days when we cry
And we don't know why
You've gotta fight it
Those days will pass you by

It's gonna get better
Everybody knows there's brighter days
It's gonna get better
Live your life, and take it day by day

Be positive in mind or you'll
Fall before you even try
Sometimes it takes a helping hand
(A helping hand is what you need)
To show you that life goes on
There's a brand new dawn
When you're feeling down
There's always a reason
To hold on
Tell yourself


You gotta live your life
Cause life is for the living
And you don't know
If you'll get the chance again
You gotta find a way to hold on maybe
Faith will help you carry on
Just fight it
Take it in your stride
It's gonna be alright


It's gonna get better, pick yourself up and start again
And maybe when you find yourself alone
You'll have the time
To gather all your thoughts
And when you find
You're not so strong
You'll have the strength
To carry on
And even when you find yourself in doubt
You'll never lose sight
Of what your life's about
And when you find you're losing faith
You'll get the strength to help you
Tell yourself it's gonna get better
Just tell yourself that
It is gonna get better
Just tell yourself
It's gonna get better

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