In Those Jeans (Remix)

(feat Grafh)

[Chorus - Ginuwine &Grafh]
Looking good plenty time
Is there any more room forme
(make a little more room for me in those jeans)
In thosejeans
Pretty thick like I like it
Tell me is there any more room for me
(make a little more room for me in those jeans)
In those jeans
Lookingtasty really scrumptious
Tell me is there any more room for me
(make alittle more room for me in those jeans)
Looking good plenty time
Is thereany more room for me
(make a little more room for me in thosejeans)

[Grafh Verse 1]

Got damn
Look at the way that youwearing them jeans
I wanna get lost somewhere in them jeans
And grind myway around
I wanna get lost and find my way around
And hit that spot
Inyour coke bottle shape
I hope I make the bottle break
And make your sodaspill while your body shake
And bubble up, I'ma fuck the love
The way I like
That make a nigga wanna taste the bite
The wayyour waiste look right
I'll hit it from the back so long
that I forgetwhat your face look like
I wanna workforget what a date look like
ButuhI'll show you what a henny straight look like
And uhWanna get betweenthem seems
So make a little more room for me in thosejeans


[Ginuwine Verse 2]

You are thebom
Girl you tight to death
I don't know the words to say to you
Allthat i know, baby all i know is
I'm loving what I see and I'm feelingyou
I wanna know, all I wanna know is if
I could have what's up inthose
Baby can I have what's up in those jeans
Don't get alarmedcause I don't mean no harm
But I love the way you
wear thosejeans
Levis, Prada, BabyPhat, I love them
Love the way you, wearing them Ilove them can
Calvin, Iceberg,
Sergio, I love them
Trying to get insideof those

[Grafh Verse 3]

Aye, Aye, Aye
I wanna push yourlegs to the back of your head
To the back of the headboard then back to thebed
Then its back to the floor, back to the bed
Then back to the floorwith your back to the floor
The way I like
Your holdingit back I'm rubbing your back
And when I'm pulling your hair
Throw itback
And I'ma show you where to throw it at
I know how to open that andtouch them thighs
And make your love come down, multiply (wha)
I know yourbody shake up inside (wha)
You ever had that? (oh) You never had that(no)
You ever had your ass smacked
And did it all night 'til you had a badback (whoa)
So let me get in between them seems
And make a little moreroom for me in those jeans

[Ginuwine Verse 4]
I wanna say thatthem jeans looking good fitting right
Baby damn those jeans (make a littleroom for me)
Any kind doesn't matter you could win 'em
you lookfine
Baby damn those jeans (make a little room for me)
Anytime that I seeyou I want in, you wear them well
Baby damn those jeans (make a little roomfor me)
the shit you the bom
All I wanna know is can I have what'sin those jeans
(jus make a little more room for me in those jeans)
Can Iget in those can I baby

[Repeat x2]

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