Yo Yo whats up this is mc ice tim here to kick off the mvps for the 90s you know im talkin about my most valuable player buddies ya know so ima drop em on ya like thischeck it outto the brothers who put me on in hip hop im talkin bout grandmaster kazz, grandmaster melle mel, afrika islam, africa bambata, roger from encore jams out here in LA, the unknown VJ and the man called AJ used to run the radio, peace out without you i wouldnt be gettin it on ya know what im sayin? an yall all are players (players, players) to some of the rappers that gave me respect when others were dissin me, im talkin bout the man jah lil, the one extasy, and the man
grandmaster D im talkin bout whodini, and also the force MD, you treated a brother real cool back in the day an i aint forgot that you know what im sayin all those other rappers were treatin me like suckers, FUCK EM, cuz yall are players To run DMC who kept rap alive when rap was about to take a diveyou know what im sayin? you are the kings of rock peace out yall are players (players, players) straight up to my true player buddies im talkin about, Big Daddy Kane yous a player to your motherfuckin heart yeah you know you my nigga / peace to biz markie yeaaaa boy you know the biz, remember back on the bus, when we had the bus an was sharin it biz? yea i aint forgot it you my nigga word Erik B and Rakim and the man Ant Yeah true niggas with attitudesto king sun peace god to chuck, flavor and griff yall are still one group as far as im concerned, an yall are true
players to krs 1 and d nice and scott larock i talk to you everynight scott, you know what time it is and the BDP posse theyre all players (players, players, players) thats right to luke skyywalker and my man marquis and mr mixx, keep it bumpin down there in miami cuz yall are players To the EPMD true players, to my man Moe Dee, easy lee and the whole crew yall are players to my man daddy o and the set posse // players to MC LYTE and Queen Latifah two ladies that got all the Ice's respect and thats right, thats right girls yall are players (players, players) To my west coast niggas im talkin about Too $hort nigga you in the house short dogg peace out my man thats right homeboy cuz yous a motherfuckin player to the americas most wanted im talkin about Ice Cube we always been cool and we will always be cool cuz you my main man, an yous a player to eazy e, nwa and the doc theres alot of static goin on between you an the lench mobbut i cant forget the days we all used to tour together you know what im sayin so you got my respect and you motherfuckin players (players, players) to my man King Tee, seem like
he cant think without a drink but hes a player hes a player got to
admit it T LA you a goddamn player to tone loc, boo ya and the man Kid Frost yall be out tearin up clubs literally and youre true players to the one and only trigger happy geto boys it took along time and i was there i seen you brothers comin upbut now you in motherfuckin effect and youre goddamn players (players, players, players) ha ha to the syndicate too many to name yall right here in the studio so why ima name ya? im lookin right at ya, an yall know i aint even got to tell yall yall are players peace out to my manager george, i tought you how to be a player, and youre doin wellto the crime crew good to see yall out of jail an yall are all players remember back in the day we used to rob jewlery stores togetherto the producers Afrika Islam, the one and only DJ Aladdin (Aladdin, Aladdin), SLJ rock bottom and the man called bull al peace out yall made this record hit an yall players special shout out is goin out to the one and only MC Hammer Alot of people diss you man, they just jealous Fuck emFuck emFuck emFuck emFuck em

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