Come Into My Life

No this isn't easy
But I can't keep runnin' from Your love
I've been denying' way too long
That there's something deep inside me
That takes me down the road that leads me to Your door
I know that I belong there with You
My human nature would keep me far away
But God I really need You
I'm asking You to stay

Come into my life
Change this heart forever
Let my feel the healing' in Your touch
Take all my hurt away
Come into my life
I surrender all my feelings
You've got the love I've needed all along
Lord, I pray that You will
Come into my life

Oh I'm through pretending
That I've got everything a man could ever need
You know I'm tired of the lie
Yeah, I was so independent
But independence never calmed my soul at night
Now I close my eyes and peace consumes me
Your love has shown me
What it is I need to be
And when I least expect it
Love becomes more real


Oh, I ran from You so long
Never could leave Your touch
You loved me day by day
Never leaving' a doubt
So, now I'm tired of this fight
And I need Your strength tonight
You see I've never been as ready as I am right now


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