These eyes, do you hide behind these
cold blue eyes?
I know I want to know
The light, driven by the pale blue skies
I go where to go
Despised, and driven by
these echoed eyes
I know where to go
A sign, written by
these tear stained eyes
I go do go

blurred were my eyelines, hindering
-to touch omnio
so let me belong, eat me raw,
stick me empty
with your hungry claws-bring me light
can you feel the tension?
set me free from this sleep,
leave me be to
judge my own creation-bring me love
and as I burned my fragile skin
-touched omnio

All this can not go on anymore,
these thorns
they tear me to pieces
The sign is given your sign is given
I am illusioned

feed my lust and hunger-my addiction
the thought of a
naked appearance facing
the rest of the world, left me in
chaos-a prey without a common address
drowning in salt water- can do
nothing at all
I am left here begging for mercy

In this room; when I found images of
poetry; I lost my deed, my shelter and
my pain did they leave you

you may swallow all my precious lies
you may stay and you may follow me
further down the thin and
crumbling line
I bleed for my loss and hunger
-my addiction
though the thought of a
naked appearance
leave in me the wonders and words
Can burdens relieve me from slumber
in unpleasant worlds?
Can the essence of bone regard me

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