Race Against Time Part 2

FEAT JA RULE: Race against Time Part 2
In my race against time
I can't stop
Runnin' through the red light
Livin' my life
Even if I'm gettin' too high
I'ma keep runnin'
Through the red light
Livin' my life
Repeat chorus

All discussion about
My loved ones
Didn't know paper
Had a price on it
That your ice would
Have your life on it
The cost to ball ain't changed
But I'm trying to
Red lights flashing
But I keep on through
Mom said paper
Ain't everything
Baby girl wants a wedding ring
I wish that I could sing

Ooh, I'm moving too fast
Ooh, I'm not gonna last
Ooh, smile down on me
Ain't got much time
Made up my mind
I'm gonna keep on through
Whatever comes is mine

Repeat chorus twice

Nobody cry for me
'Cause I wanna
See you smile for me
When I die
Look through my window
To the soul

Tell me if you see Tank
Living to grow old
'Cause too many niggas
Done died for what I hold
The talent to warm a world
Which is so cold
Take me, save me
Before I'm crazy
The only reason I live
Is for my baby

(Ja Rule:)
Never did you tell me that
Life ain't a game
Maybe if you told me this
Shit might be changed
But now I'm just
Racing against time
Trying to survive
And see why
Ya'll niggas drive
Over nigga's vibe
If you gonna live
Know you gonna die
If you gonna steal
Know you gotta lie
Get drunk and stay high
Don't de-nigga-ny
'Cause they'll never

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