Hotel Room 417

Hey baby, I'm in town and I thought I'd give you a call Maybe we could get together, have dinner, go to a show, maybe go to a museum, an art gallery, get to know each other, slowly, over time Don't be nervous, baby

I'm not
And No, thanks

Hotel du Vie, how can I help you?

Room 417, please


Hi I'm coming down to your hotel We've got to talk Buy condoms

I'm startin' at zero

I've come to your hotel room looking like a boy, no makeup, my hair's a mess, I don't want to be coy I'm here to present something to you and to see how you feel about it It's now or we're through I'm not looking to make friends I'm not interested in who you are or getting to know you, going to art galleries or museums I just want to know if we can make good loving together and get out of here if we can't

I find that time is just speeding by and I just don't have time for having my time speedin' by and thieves keep eatin' my time

I'm startin' at zero

So how do you feel about it? How do you feel about me arriving here with just one goal? The goal being the possibility of going straight to soul-to-soul? And there's only way that I'll know if we can meet there It's to touch me

Touch me

Hmm Yeah, that'll do alright
Okay stop I want to double-check
Touch me Yeah
What room is this?

Straight to the heart I'm startin' at zero This is how I choose to live my life

Okay, so I didn't say it too well but the intent that I came to your hotel room with is one of respect for you Coming from a place of respect to another human being Being straight ahead, not playing those games I don't want to do the dance You picked the wrong girl

I'm startin' at zero

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