Take Me

I can remember all the things that you once said
My love was so satisfying
Now your love is slowly, slowly dying
I know what I've put you through
And I wanna make it up to you
Please forgive me baby
Don't let it end this way
I swear I'll never lie, just give it one more try
Take me, I'm yours(forever)
Take me, I'm yours(forever)
I was a fool to ever let your go
Please forgive me baby, don't let it end this way
Girl, give me one more chance, Please take me back again
I tried to denied all the love I have inside
By running away from the truth
Knowing my love belongs to you, to you
Now here I stand alone, with my heart without a home
Please baby don't leave, give me one more chance
To win your love again
Repeat chorus
Take me, take me, open up your heart
You see I'll do whatever it takes to make it up to you
Silly of me to think that I could live without you baby
Please forgive me, don't let it end this way
Girl give me one more chance take me back again
I'm yours, I'm yours, i'm yours
(repeat chorus)
Take me, Take me
You see I know that I was a fool to ever let you go
You see it takes a fool to learn the same mistake twice
All i know is that i love you, give me one more chance
Take me, I want you to take me
You see I wanna go somewhere where it's nice and quiet
Where we can just lay down,
You see, do you remember, how we used to make love
All night long til the break of dawn, don't stop
You see I wanna go somewhere where it's nice and quiet
Where we can just sit down sigh for a while, love for a while
Squeeze for a while, hold for a while, come on
Take me, i'm yours
(repeat chorus)
But I'm begging, don't leave me, Or if you open the door and let me in again
I swear I , I swear I, make you feel so good, do you remember how it feels
Do you remember
Fade with chorus

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