Heart Like The Sun

(with Lulu)

Do me a favor and listen up,
Cause yeah, I know just what to say,
I'm not one to preach,
Why wait for tomorrow when you've got today?

Long time since I've seen ya,
Never thought I'd feel like this again,
Funny how you seem to forget
about the things that you do,
and the words that you say

Chorus :-
I'm only someone, I'm only me,
And I'll be your someone for eternity,
I got a heart, heart like the sun,
Burns on and on, fueled by your lovin', yeah,
And in this heart, heart like the sun,
There is no one, no one else for me but you, babe

So take it to your heart, but remember it well,
I guess by now you can surely tell,
You're still in my mind, you're still in my heart,
I need to know we can love, start

Lovin' you again like I did before I realise,
You need some time but I don't mind waiting,

(repeat chorus)

Where ever the sun is, baby it is roarin' at you,
Whenever the storm is blowing, I'll pull you through,
You'll never need to ask for forgiveness from me,
I'll be the refuge for your lonely soul, babe,
when you're lost at sea

(repeat chorus to fade)

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