Need Some Lovin'

Put negativity to a halt, it's not my fault that we're killin
And illin, that's why I'm takin my time and I'm spillin
My guts on a cut like this one
Make sure you don't miss none
Of the rhymes from the clean and crisp one
People of the planet Earth, man, it hurts to see
People livin in poverty, there's got to be a better way to live
We gotta learn to give more love, that's the only alternative
Just the other day I was speakin to my man Rob
And I said, "Yo Rob, what's up hops?"
He said, "Lak man, I just can't stand
And I don't understand the ignorance of a blackman
Too many crackheads, tackheads and bloodshed
Brothers and sisters are fightin instead of unitin
We need to cut it out, we're self-destructin
You know what we need, Lak?" "What Rob?" "We need more lovin"

(Gotta get some lovin)

We're self-destructin
That's why we gotta get more lovin

Love the fact that you're black if you are black
Beamin up to Scotty is wack, this ain't _Star Trek_
Be not weak but be strong and watch out for the attack
Of those that might try to hold ya back
I'm the type of guy that likes to spread peace
Not the type of guy that'll leave your head geased
You've been sleepin too long, you need your (? )
Wake up before you end up a dead sheep
Innocent till proven guilty, yeah, that makes sense
The blacks, we're guilty till we're proven innocent
To get where I got to my approach was different
Now you know why I'm so militant
I got a handful of love, yeah, take a crunch
But be positive, you come negative, you get punched
One bad apple don't spoil a whole bunch
We can make it - get my hunch?
Stop your snakeous mischievin, your lyin and thievin
And love the fact that you're alive and breathin
Love is the key, see, to unity, without it there's nothin
So let's all show a little more lovin

Break it down like this

Love could be the start of many things
We all know the sorrow and joy it brings
Set your goals in life and believe in your dreams
And maybe one day it might come true, yo, know what I mean?
Stop complainin, we need to crack down
I heard of Chinatown but never of Blacktown
By any means necessary I'm not havin it
Anymore we need our own establishments
People of the world, it's plain to see
We need to spread a little more l-o-v-e
Nothin in the world is gonna come to you free
So let's get work together and make money
Some of us are so blind we don't understand, see
We're jealous and envious and wonder why can't we
Live in unity as one big family
I show a lot of love for those that are down with me
And we'll hold on through thick and thin
Cause we're brothers and sisters, more than just friends
Destroy negative and build the positive
Do what you wanna do, that's your prerogative
Stick together, no matter the weather
Let no one stop ya, I'm sure you can prosper
We need to cut it out, we're self-destructin
Play ya part, open your heart and spread some lovin

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