My Front Porch Lookin In

ooo yea woo yeaaaa oo yea

the only ground i ever owned was stickin to myshoes
no i look at my front porch in this panoramic view
i could sit andwatch the field fill up with rays of golden sun
or watch the moon lay on thefences like thats where it was hung

my investments are in front of me itsnot about the land
ill never beat the view
from my front porch lookinin


theres a carrot top who can barely walk
with asippy cup of milk
a lil blue eyed blonde with shoes on wrong cuz she likes todress herself
and the most beautiful girl
holdin both of them
yea theview i love the most is my front porch lookin in

yea yea

i travelhere and everywhere
followin my jo
iv seen the paintings from theair
brushed by the hand of god
the mountains and the canyons reach fromsea to shining sea
but i cant wait to get bak home to the woman he made forme

cuz anywhere ill ever go and everywhere iv been
nuthin takes mybreath away like my front porch lookin in


i seewut beautiful is about
when im lookin in
not when im lookinout


theres a carrot top that can barelywalk
(from my front porch lookin in)
a lil blue eyed blonde w/ shoes onwrong
(from my front porch lookin in)
the most beautiful girl
holdinboth of them
oooo yea

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