Dead To The World

Dead to the world my body was sleeping
on my mind was nothing at all
come a mist an aire so appealing
I'm here a whisper you summoned I called

I formed me a presence whose aspect was changing
oh he would shift he would not shift at all
we sat for a while he was very engaging
and when he was gone I was gone on a smile

With a strange way of walking
and a strange way of breathing
more lives than a cat
that led me astray
all in all he captured my heart
dead to the world and just
slipped away

I heard me a music that drew me to dancing
lo I turned under his spell
I opened my coat but he never came closer
I bolted the door and whispered oh well


I laid in the rushes the air was upon me
wondering well I just couldn't discern
will he come back come back to me
oh I whispered will you ever return

I was feeling sensations in no dictionary
he was less than a breath of shimmer and smoke
the life in his fingers unwound my existence
dead to the world alive I awoke

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