Lose Yourself

your skin press your lips against mine now we can make up for lost time grow old and start our lives what is time when we have right now what is love to me to lose yourself cast our shadows aside inside out and alive
lay down and lose yourself in my eyes
your skin press your flesh against mine it feels like we've touched for the first time is it real what we have right now what is love to me to lose myself cast our shadows aside inside out and alive
i'll drink from your lips just so i could be drunk off your kiss i'm about to lose myself in this
i'm glad we had some time apart to think i talked all about you to the paper with the ink and i can recall times when the scent of your skin was so distinct i swore you just walked by while i blinked it felt like half of me was missing but it was actually all of me missing you i'm making up for all the time we couldn't be together i'll never leave we breathe in unison i'm forever inside you
hold your breath until i turn blue you make everything so hard to say to do i'm through with words they do no justice for you

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