Darling Nikki

I knew a girl named Nikki
I guess you could say she was a sex friend
I met her in a hotel lobby
masturbating with a magazine
she said how'd u like 2 waste sometime
& I could not resist when I saw little
Nikki gind
she took me 2 her castle
and I just couldn't believe
my eyes
she had so many devicees
everything that money could buy
she said sign your name on the dotted
the lights went out
and Nikki started 2 grind
The castle started spinning
or maybe it was my brain
I can't tell you what she did 2 me
but my body will never be the same
Her lovin will kick your behind
she'll show you no mercy
but she'll sho'nuff sho'nuff sho a
low 2 grind
I woke up the next mourning
Nikki wasn't there
I looked all over
all I found was a phone number on the
it said thank u 4 a funky time
call me whenever u want
2 grind
come back Nikki come back
Your darling little prince
wanna grind,grind,grind

Sometimes the world's a storm
One day soon the storm will pass
& all will be bright and peaceful
fearlessly bathe in the
Purple Rain

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